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Our story

From Lahore to your taste buds, with love

Making Noms

Making Chip History

Founded by the sibling trio Faisal, Asad, and Hamza in Lahore, Pakistan, Noms is the brainchild behind a distinct lineup of snacks. Combining multi-grains with exotic flavors, these treats strike a harmonious balance between health and taste. Since its launch in early 2023, Noms has swiftly transitioned from a niche favorite to gracing the shelves of numerous retailers across major cities in the country.

  • Blend Health & Taste

    At Noms, we've spent years perfecting snacks that prove health and taste can coexist without compromise.

  • Local Excellence, Global Standards

    Noms challenges negative perceptions by proudly producing high-quality snacks in Pakistan, adhering to rigorous international standards.

  • Building a Healthy Community

    As pioneers in savory snacks, we're on a mission to provide a healthier alternative and promote wellness in our community.


  • Unique Snacking Experience

    Discover a one-of-a-kind snacking adventure with Noms! Our snacks boast a wild combination of multi-grains and exotic flavors, creating the perfect blend of health and taste.

  • Wholesome Goodness

    No compromise! Noms snacks are baked, high fiber, protein-packed, and gluten-free. As the first in Pakistan, we proudly bridge the gap between junk and healthy food with wholesome choices.